About us
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    FABBRICA. Italian specialties – Ukrainian ingredients

    Ukrainian ingredients. One of the main principles of FABBRICA is exclusive use of Ukrainian ingredients, mainly produced at  local farms. We realized that such approach does not achieve the authentic taste of Italian dishes, but actually strives for something else. From the very beginning we decided to explore and offer new specialties on the crossroad of Italian cuisine techniques and unique fresh local products. For example, we don’t have seafood pizza but we offer pizza with mountain river trout or Carpathian mushroom pasta.

    In-house preserved. At FABBRICA we essentially do not use store food. So we don’t have canned juices or soft drinks. Instead, we cook our own lemonades and fruit drinks, we also make handmade ice-cream.

    Open fire. Food cooked on a fire is always different. We use handmade brick oven from famous Neapolitan master Stefano Ferarra. The uniqueness of this oven is that dishes are cooked with a temperature of over 4000 C and as result receive less time of thermal treatment (and that’s why pizza is cooked in no mere than 90 seconds).

    Green flour (Freshly-ground flour).  Crops preserve nutrients for about five year, however, as soon as ground they start losing it. Thus, at the end of the second week, there are only 5-10% of nutrients left in ground flour. This is why at FABBRICA we grind fresh flour in a Ditter Waldner’s handmade mill every day. We use durum wheat which is grown by monk Aleksiy near Uman. We do not shell the grain completely because there are microelements needed for human bodies.  In it gives the flour special darker (brownish) color and unique taste of our specialties.

    Openness. FABBRICA is designed in such way that practically all working processes are visible to the guests. You can see yourself how we grind flour, make fresh pasta, cook pizza and other dishes directly in the hall.

    Affordability. From the very beginning we set a goal to create a restaurant with affordable prices, as we believe in “everyday restaurant” philosophy. That’s why you will not find large menu or expensive dishes (courses) but you can always expect fresh food with high-quality at reasonable price.